I’m pleased to share with you my experience in virtual reality projects, specifically in the video game Maestro VR.

As an accomplished conductor, composer, and arranger, my involvement in the development of Maestro VR focused on the musical aspects of the game. I collaborated closely with a highly skilled team of designers, artists, and software developers to create an immersive and realistic gameplay experience for users.

My expertise in music was instrumental in crafting the game’s soundtrack, which features classical pieces that are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay. I also worked on the game’s music lessons, ensuring that they were accurate and engaging for players to learn.

Throughout the development process, I applied my knowledge of music and sound design to create a cohesive and authentic experience for players. The result is a game that not only entertains but also educates users on the beauty of classical music.

In summary, my involvement in the development of Maestro VR was a challenging and rewarding experience. As a conductor, composer, and arranger, I was able to contribute my expertise to the creation of a unique and engaging game that showcases the power of classical music. I look forward to working on more video game projects in the future.

Maestro VR

Maestro VR is an immersive rhythmic music video game where you become an orchestra conductor in Virtual Reality. Experience the thrill of conducting a symphony orchestra like never before. Feel the music in a way that’s unique and unparalleled.
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